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Artist Reception

The opening reception was very well attended. Even the mayor of McCormick, attended. The following are some casual snapshots of everyone having a good time. There was a pleasant bit of energy and excitement in the air. The MACK gallery looked great with perfect lighting, lovely cocktail food, wine and piano music. Even sold some works.

It was wonderful to see all the people in attendance! My husband,Bill was the roving photographer. The first set of pictures are at the reception, the second were taken the night before all the activity.. Enjoy the 'show'. Remember you can scroll forward and back through the pictures, just watch for the arrow .

I will be updating  this section with some comments next to each frame.....if you would like some of the works to hang in your home or office and have questions or need to know the price, please  just e-mail or call me. This site is always evolving and I still haven't organized it completely.

Thank you for visiting! Please do send me feedback. Your comments are truly appreciated.

diana shore joslin


 Getting ready for opening reception.

 Dessert Flower  

 Rough Seas in Blue and Yellow

 Dancing Lines


 More view shots with lovely cocktail tables waiting for the food to arrive.

 Entrance way with my 'Soft Green Leaves' Acrylic on Canvas in the entrance hall.

 Hah! The food has arrived!

 Janice the 'Magician' of the Mack.    She and her 'gang' just make everything 'happen'

 Ingrid was the first guest.  What a pleasant surprise!  I feel completely honored. She is an artist of the first order! 

 Ingrid and I and the roving reporter, Linda McClintock.

 The MACK Artisan Shop. The best for uniquegifts!

 The entrace desk.

 Yertel The Turtle

(Childhood Fantasy Series) 

 What every artist wants to see

 Jungle Magic Sold to a happy home

 Neighbor Ann

 Great Young Talent at Piano

He was very professional 


 Linda (The Roving Reporting) and I

 Here come the guests

 More guests


 It is getting crowed

More guests

 Jeffrey Callaham and I

It was good to have him there

He is quite the famous artist here 

 Neighbor Rob and I





 Maurice of the hardware store.  Nice to see him just being a guest, instead of doing work.

 Jane and John

 Tom and his purchase of 'Desert Pasture'  How delightful!

 More guests

 Quite a milling about



 The youngest 'art appreciation' student

 Neighbors John, Susan, daughter and youngest Art Appreciation Student.

 Friend Jane and her husband's, John purchase.  "Birches Two" How cool.


 Neighbors Jim and John, just chatting.


 More guests

Janis and I

 The honorable Mayor, Roy Smith and I.  So glad to see him there too.

Mr. Mayor and one of his constituents


 Maryann and Susan

 More discussion

 Tom and Jim at Tom's purchase.

 So good to see June there also.  She certainly has a whirlwind schedule.

 Randy, Helen, Janis and I

The MACK entrance on the evening of Reception

 Who is that good looking couple?

 Tom and Beth and I with their purchase'Desert Pasture'


 Desert Pasture, close up.

My name up on the Marquee

 The night before.  Just a 'walk through' of the works.

 'Wild Orchids In Bowl', 'Raging Bull'

 'Soft Pink Mauve Floral Burst'

 'Desert Pasture'

 'Orange Red Floral Burst'

 "Stormy Weather'

 'Soft Floating Abstracts'


 'Rough Waters'

 'Herb Pots'

 'Garden Muse"

 Life is good

 The long view

 Just thinking how lucky I am

 Everything looks just fine!

 Just taking it all in and anticipitating the next day