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How green it is! Diana in one of her favorite places.

I remember drawing from a very early age. Flowers, scenes of houses with gardens, fashion designs on very tall women….always doodling in the margins…sometimes geometric designs, bridges,…

My first experience with kind of knowing that I may have some talent that other people notice was in grade school in Montreal, where I received a ‘scholarship’ to Saturday drawing classes… My drawing and water color scenes of ‘mother doing the laundry on Monday, Vacuuming on Tuesday etc..‘ were displayed to the public….( yes, those were the simple times)

I remember getting a book on the Italian and French Artists of the late 19th and early 20th century from a favorite cousin at age 10. I must have read it and marveled at the pictures till it was worn out.

I was very fortunate, in that my grade school and high school had excellent Art Departments, and I was involved in all they had to offer.

I always wanted to go to Art or Design School after high school, but the times being what they were I went to study for education….

I raised two children, founded a Technology based recruiting firm, and intermittently found time to be involved in different creative endeavors, Art, Acting, writing, garden design …

I had a chance to work with oils in my mid twenties, and then acrylics …but it wasn’t till my ‘retirement’ that I took classes in watercolors , that I found my favorite medium 3 years ago….

I Just love the flow and energy of watercolor….to me it is always a new experience every time I put color to paper. I feel that I can never stop experimenting with the tools of my art.

I love color, nature, movement and drama. Development of abstract form fascinates me.

Moved to Savannah Lakes, in McCormick, SC, 2005 Still have ties to NYC and Long Island, NY. Savannah lakes is a dream come true. This is my home.

Though I do spend time in Sarasota, Florida and NYC. Member of: THE MACK, The Art Center of Sarasota, The Greenwood Art Center


Born 1941 Magnitogorsk, Ural Mountains, Russia.

Parents escaped from Poland just as the Nazis marched in, to Russia and survived there in harsh conditions Emigrated through Europe after WWII. Spent several years in American Occupied Germany after leaving Russia..

Emigrated to Montreal, Canada. 1948

December 25, 1955 Parents & I and my dog ’Lucky’ (by train) Emigrated to Queens, NY to seek better job opportunity for Dad who was a Mechanical Engineer.

Lived in the NY area for over 50 years with intermittent leaves of absence moving to Florida, Kentucky and New Jersey. Living for the longest period on Long Island New York, the town of Commack, Smithtown.

Moved to Savannah Lakes, with hubby Bill Joslin , in McCormick, SC, September, 2005