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Dancing_lights_two_tiny Dancing Lights
oil, $325.00 unrframed. $400.00 framed. approx 2' by 16"
Caaal_houses_tiny work in progress...
birches_two (oil on board), SOLD
Dessert_Pasture (Acrylic), SOLD
jungle_magic (Oil), SOLD
working in progress...
working in progress...
working in progress...
working in progress...
working in progress...

Wild Orchid

A large loose watercolor, with strong vibrant orchid like flowers.

9/11 in watercolor.

This is what I refer to in my 'biography'. It just was born onto my canvas. I had no premonition as to what was to be. I was totally moved to tears when I recognized what was in front of me.

Herb pots.

Yes, we must have these in the kitchen. Oil on canvas.

Jungle garden.

Is this a friendly jungle garden ? Do not get lost in this garden, one may not come out. Oil on canvas.
Soft leaves. this work was done in the early 80's.it is a soft moving and undulating nature scene. Acrylic on canvas.
Rough blue yellow seas. This is an acrylic on board. Very vibrant blues and yellows, sea scene.
Secret garden. This is truly a secret garden at the top of a series of natural steps. Mysterious and yet serene.
Rocky waters. I observed these rocks on Lido Beach in Sarasota and they just came to life in this rendering. Oil on board.
This is a watercolor with a beautiful flow.
Watercolor. Childhood Fantasy Series. YERTEL THE TURTLE
A large oil. Work in Progress. NYC Skyline, taken from a cruise ship in the harbor. A month before 911.
Watercolor. Soft golden waving fields.
Large Watercolor. Raging Bull Can U see more than one bull?
This is a water color with very happy fantasy feel. The 'fish' is waiting for you say 'hello' and maybe give it some food as well.
Water Color with luscious red pepper. Can you just taste it?
This is an oil on board with a very Monet feeling. Delightful.
A peaceful rendering of birch trees and sailboats in the distance. Oil on canvas board.
A glimpse of the studio
Watercolor, stormy weather. someone told me it reminds them of skies in Ohio during storms.
These two separate water color paintings of glorious flowers.
Watercolor red mountain sky . Something about different weather that attracts me.
One of three of a family of water colors. This one is the largest., the other two are smaller and the same in size. There is a happy dance like motion feeling.